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Residential Locksmith Service - Locksmith Niles

Need professional and guaranteed locksmith work done at your home? Do you want the very best in the region, but don't want to pay a king's ransom in the process? There is an easy solution - call Locksmith Pro Niles.

Our locksmiths are real employees with over 27 years of combined experience. On top of that, they are all licensed, bonded and insured. All have been locksmith certified under the most stringent conditions.

We offer a variety of residential locksmith services like:

  • keyless entry
  • pool gate locks
  • high security residential locks
  • 24-hour emergency lockout
  • interior doors rekeyed
  • garage door locks installed
  • side gate and shed locks
  • window locks installed
  • house keys duplicated
  • decorative locks
  • interior doors rekeyed
  • free consultations
  • new move-in rekey service
  • french door and pet door locks installed
  • gun safe locks
  • peep holes and deadbolts installed and repaired

We can provide fast and affordable relief to any residential locksmith issue such as:

You have locked yourself out of the house, and don't feel like smashing a window to let yourself back in. You don't have a spare key and the neighbors can't help you.

You are aware of the increase in crime, and want to do something to increase the security and safety of your home. You don't want to spend a month's paycheck to do this.

You just moved into your new home after the realtor gave you the keys. Who else has that key? The previous owners? The builder? You want your own set as soon as possible.

You are concerned about someone falling into your swimming pool while you are away at work, or on vacation. What can you do to increase safety and reduce liability?

Call us today for free consultations or appointments. We welcome your calls and look forward to working with you.

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